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Good for small businesses that require a professional agency partner


Good for small to medium businesses that have regular, planned monthly graphic design requirements


Good for medium to large businesses that want to set a cap on their agency expenses, and have an on demand partner
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Yes, all membership plans will have a 12 months contract period.

Any form of graphical design is considered an artwork, this includes and not limited to: social media posts, ad banners, flyers, brochures, menus, stickers, outdoor ads, infographics etc…

The agency will do its best to revise work according to your comments, if revised work does not reflect on client’s comments, further revisions will be allowed, however, if client changes his mind and decides to take a different approach with the revisions or the artwork, then it will be considered as a new artwork.

The agency will quote the client for any additional work required/ not included in the plan.The client will also be able to upgrade the plan to the next level if volume of work changes.

The agency will (at its discretion) accommodate urgent requests when possible. The turnaround time mentioned as the average agency would require, but not necessarily the duration it will take on an artwork.

 Yes of course !

A licensed stock photo is a stock photo provided based on what a client needs, that is not copied from google or any other search engines, rather have been purchased for the client with license to use.

All plans include graphic design artworks (i.e. static work). The following are not part of the plans:

  • Motion Graphic
  • Animations
  • Website Designs
  • Website Development
  • Copywriting
  • Translation
  • Production Requirements
  • Printed Samples
  • Video Editing
  • Voiceovers
  • Videography (unless included in your plan)
  • Photography (unless included in your plan)

 We hire the best designers possible in our agency, and we put quality, speed and support at the front of our list of priorities. Incase a submitted work is not on par with quality expectations, the agency will do its best to rectify and resolve the situation and provide alternative work at no cost.

 All plans are based on a minimum of 12 months duration, cancellation is not permitted before the contract duration ends. Plans will auto-renew for another 12 months unless cancelled prior to the ending date. Essential and Pro plans members will be able to request an upgrade during the 12 months duration, before the beginning of the month's cycle.

 Social Media management includes handling social channels on various platforms including (instagram, twitter, linkedin, and facebook), it includes creation of artworks, posting on behalf of client, and interacting with the followers as well as response management.

 When we say unlimited, we truly mean it! You can make unlimited design requests at any time. Just keep in mind we are only human, and are focused on giving you a higher quality product rather than pumping out pre-made low quality templates that wont do your business justice. Quality work takes time to complete.

 Each plan is designated to one brand only. A brand is considered a single company/business. Businesses that have multiple sub-brands within their portfolio will still be able to receive artworks for their various brands, however, social media management will be done for one account only (on various platforms).

 You may visit our youtube channel to see samples of our videography work, all videos are shot with professional equipment and based on client's requirements.

 Yes, all production requirements are available. Pro members will receive a fixed 10% discount on all production requirements, while Unlimited members will received a 20% discount.

Payments can be done by cheques, cash, benefit pay, or wire transfer on the 1st day of each month's cycle. You may request to pay by credit card too on our website, a link will be provided to complete the payment.

Essential and Pro plans members will be able to request an upgrade during the 12 months duration, before the beginning of the month's cycle.

Membership plans current prices are not permanent and will be revised regularly, all subscribers will be able to maintain their pricing during their contract term. The agency will maintain their rights to change pricing for new subscribers at anytime.

Yes, we plan to include more features within our membership plans. Such decision will come based on customer's requests and feasibility. However, you wont need to worry about having less features during your membership period.

Yes, subscriptions are accepted globally, however, note that photography, videography inclusions in Pro and Unlimited plans will not be part of the plan for any business located outside of Bahrain.

You will be provided with a membership number, and an email address to communicate with our team. You will also be able to contact us by phone, in person (once circumstances allow).